Having a clear-cut idea of your refurbishment is the first step to having a successful office refurbishment. It’s not as simple as it seems.




An office refurbishment plan depends on the nature and the overall office condition, how complex the necessary refurbishment is, and how much available funds are there for the project, not to mention the time frame for the project’s completion.

We are the best company for office refurbishment in Sydney.There are three types of office refurbishment in Sydney, namely minor, medium, and large refurbishments.

Minor office refurbishments are also known as office building maintenance. This can happen during work hours without causing disruption in the office production.

Several activities fall under this category such as lighting, decorating, updating the fittings, and basic office painting. Minor refurbishments often don’t include extensive planning and they are often within the set budget and they’re not time-consuming.

With medium sized refurbishments, there are slight structural changes to the office building; hence the building needs to be empty of all the employees, staff and furnishings of the company. Several activities fall under this category namely new heating system, new carpeting, new lighting system, new windows, new ceiling paint, and many others.

This type of refurbishment requires more planning than the minor type. Time management is also a crucial factor to consider since the office has to be vacant while the work is being done.

When it comes to large office renovations in Sydney it means total structural alterations of the office building. There are certain activities that fall under this category and these are wall addition, wall renewal, new windows, roofing works, wall insulation, and others.

Large refurbishments needless to say require extensive planning especially since the alterations may require structural advice from one or more professionals in the field. It also requires permission and approval from government bodies before the entire work can be carried out.

It’s crucial to choose a professional building contractor because choosing just anyone could be a total disaster. The refurbishment plan and some specifications of the design have to be ready before you appoint any building contractor for the project.

Make sure that you get one who is a member of a trade association and accredited by many associations in the country.We are the best office refurbishment company in Sydney.

There are more things to consider in an office refurbishment. First is office partitioning. This is the perfect solution when it comes to dividing space and the preservation of privacy within an open office setting.

One integral part of office partitioning is space planning. A more detailed space planning involves consideration of movements, co-dependence, specific roles, functions, and a plan that can be used to maximise the use of the space.

Suspended ceilings may be one of the most cost effective alterations for Sydney office refurbishment. This is meant to reduce the overhead space that’s often wasted and unnecessary.

By installing a suspended ceiling the height of the room can be reduced and it can help you save on utility bills in the long run.

Lighting should also be considered specifically the availability of natural light. It is said that the positive effects of natural light on the employees’ morale and productivity are of great benefit to the company.

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