Office partitions are used by most businesses around the world today. Office partitions in Sydney are meant to provide privacy to all the employees.




It’s also a fast and easy way to change the work space for accommodating future business expansions. They’re known to be less costly compared to the creation of permanent walls.

Today you can find modern office partitions that can be easily bought and installed in only a short time. They are also known to last longer.

Office partitions have different types; there are portable partitions and glass partitions. Glass ones can bring in more light to the room while the portable ones make it easy for you to move them around.

Partitions from Floor to Ceiling

This type of partitions is used in many offices to break up the work spaces. More often they are also called full height partitions.We have the best office partitions in Sydney.

However, they don’t enclose workers completely and they don’t get in the way of visibility. Most of these are made of metal and usually are covered with cloth.

What’s great about floor to ceiling partitions is that they can be easily arranged, moved from one point to another, or removed totally without any hassles and difficulty.


These are the most common and basic office dividers. At times they are called as half eight partitions.

They are great for preserving privacy. They’re also convenient since you can easily change the workplace configuration by moving the cubicle walls.

Normally, these are installed and are made up of four walls plus an opening where people can enter and exit with ease. In general, the fourth wall is only half.

Within the cubicle is the work space that comes with a computer table, and a filing system for documents.

Glass Partitions

This is another type of office partition. It is often made out of glass and aluminium. It may or may not have a frame.

They can also be in half or full height panels. More often Venetian blinds are also installed to give the work space privacy.

Glass partitions are beneficial since they can drown out the noise and provide flowing light into the work space. It s price may vary according to the type of glass, the frame, and its related options.

Accordion Walls

This is the type of office partition that’s almost the same as the portable partition. It’s easy to move them from place to place.

They provide full length enclosure same as the floor to ceiling partitions. These partitions can be arranged and set up in varying ways. You can close them or fold out the panels.

Portable Office PartitionsWe are the best company for office partitions.

This type of office partition usually has rollers for quick movement from one point to another. They are the ones that can provide the least permanent solution for offices. They can provide minimal privacy and noise reduction.

There are many benefits of having office partitions in the workplace. The partitions provide privacy to the employees and make sure that they are comfortable while at work.

They also allow every employee to have his/her own personal space.




Sydney Office Partitions

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